Monday, March 03, 2008

Dear Mr. President,

In second grade, you have to learn how to write a letter. Who better to write to than the president. This is one of my favorite assignments of the year. Here's why:

Dear Mr. President,
“I want to know if you are voteing this year.”
“I’m writing this letter because here in class we are learning how to write a letter properly. I’m sad that you will not be President next year.”
“Hear is also my love poem want to hear it aright hear it is…Vilets are red roses are blue i love you. Wala that’s my love poem. Oh and by the way Gorge bush i hope you have a good trip.”
“How are your dogs at the White House? Who was your favorite other president? Mine is Abe Linclon. He was called “Honest Abe” because he was always honest. P.S. Write back soon.”
“I am so excited I axualy am mailing a letter to the President of the United States I am wrighting because in our 2nd grade class were learning how to wright. Do you have a dog? Cause I have one.”
“Do you make the laws. I bett it is hard disishin.”
“What are you doing right now?”
“I am writing this because I like you. How much longer are you going to be president.”
“how are you I am doing great If you want to know. I love Second grade did you like second grade when you where litle.”
“I wanted to now that is your life hard? Also do you hat to have a brake?”

Reason 517 I love teaching second grade.


  1. I love this :-) Are you going to mail all of them? I know he probably gets hundreds of letters. But I sure hope he gets this one :-)

  2. I do send it to him. He writes back to the class and sends a picture.

    And yes, it's him. I know he's busy, but he makes time for us.



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