Sunday, March 30, 2008

Thoughts on a Sunday

* Worship at my church stirs me. I love it. It's a lot of different things that make up my worship, and I love examining all of the different things that make up my worship. And it stirs me. In very good ways.

* Having been through that worship and a couple of other things, I am again acutely aware that I need to marry a musician, or at least a guy who plays an instrument.

*Teenaged girls have the capacity to frustrate you beyond belief because of their petty little boy-induced rifts that get in the way of them really living their lives. But then, a week later, they amaze me at their ability to make it all right with one another. It's astounding, really.

* In just a couple of weeks, I get to back to Lubbock and see my family that it seems like I haven't seen in ages, though it's only been one whole week. And I get to play with this:

Katybug and KellsBells, consider yourself warned. She's mine all weekend long. All weekend long.

* There are mountains of papers in my apartment that require my grading skills. And I must go now...

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