Monday, March 31, 2008

Why I Prefer Not to Have Internet Access at Home

Um, tonight, I magically found internet access at home. It's not mine. I'm it. And I'm reminded why I choose not to pay for internet at home.

It's been four hours since I got home.

And I've done nothing. Nuh.Thing.

It's four minutes before my bedtime. I have not cleaned up the dinner dishes, or put up the leftovers (don't freak out Uncle Mike).

I do not know what I am wearing to work tomorrow, much less if it is ironed and ready to go. (Hey...when you're as completely incoherent in the mornings as I am, you prepare the night before).

Did I mention I got nothing else done?

I tried to have a converstaion with my aunt, but she also had her laptop out and so our conversation had about as much depth as that of her middle school daughter's text messages to her friends.

And now, I'm still perusing the net and it's past my bedtime. And I can't stop.

It's a sickness. And I've got it.

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