Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Faking a Smile With the Coffee to Go...

Today can suck it.

It wasn't super awful, but I just kind of got knocked off my feet a little bit this morning. Funny how the words "Well, it won't be me" and "I'm certainly not going to be the one" can come back to bite you.

It's not all bad. Again...it's just inconvenient. And I'm just tired of unnecessary inconvenience. I'm over it.

I've got a new grade for next year. As late as 9:30 this morning I said I wouldn't be taking this position. But I think I am. Because it will be okay. Eventually, it will be good. Maybe not as good as it is now, maybe better. I won't know until I'm in the thick of it.

When others found out, two cried and the others pouted all day (even though it was me and not them). They kept saying how good I was handling it. Did I have a choice? Is a crying hissy fit really appropriate? And further more, will it solve anything? So, yeah, I've handled it well. Even with a positive attitude.

But I can refuse to smile for a little bit. And go to Target and buy a lot of random junk that seemed to be necessary at the time...Really...I needed the tic-tacs...promise...

Anyways, tomorrow it is back to normal. I'll be fine. I reserve the right to be annoyed for a few days, but really, I've gotten my iTunes back to semi-normal, and I have a new guitar teacher who is a rock star...so it will all be good...

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