Thursday, April 24, 2008

Because I am a Second Grade Teacher

Because I am a Second Grade Teacher:

- there is a hole in my skirt where I ran over it with a rolly chair
- there is a Sponge Bob bandage on my foot where I ran over it with a rolly chair
- my toenail polish is chipped and I really shouldn’t be wearing flip flops but I am because I couldn’t get my toenail polish touched up before I ran out the door because I had to leave early to pick up some stuff from the grocery store and get to work with enough time to make copies
- I spent my lunch with a water bottle, soap, vinegar, and little straws representing debris because we’re studying tornadoes
- I completely lost my class into a fit of giggles when I accidently called a tornado a “tomato”
- My hands smell like vinegar- no, scratch that…my whole classroom smells like vinegar
- My hair is held up by a red colored pencil, lest my hair also smell like vinegar

And because I am a second grade teacher, this is a perfectly normal day for me.

As an aside, today is one of the reasons I don’t teach what the district tells me to, and I know I my job is slightly at risk when I do this. But the district plans are wrong sometimes. They didn’t have in them to make individual tornadoes in a bottle for each kid to take home and be excited about. And they only gave me 30 minutes to do my science lesson today, and today’s science lesson took 75 minutes to do. So, district, while I’m not really sorry that I’m not following your direct lesson plans, my kids are better and more creative and inquisitive for it, and that is all that matters to me.

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