Saturday, April 05, 2008

Dreamin. On a Saturday Afternoon.

Yesterday was my friend the Peace Corps Queen's birthday. She wanted to go out, so we went to a fabulous dinner and then a local establishment for the over-21-but-refusing-to-admit-I'm-in-my-30's-and-I-either-brought-my-husband-or-am-looking-for-one crowd. I was mighty cold, but as I was waiting to get in, I looked at the girl behind me wearing hot pants and a tube top, and thought she must be much colder than me, so I shouldn't complain. Anyways, we stayed out until about 2am. I think I did a pretty good job of hiding my yawns and tiredness until about 1, and after that I was unashamedly yawning up a storm.

Which leads me to today's agenda, which I think was a particular favorite of Daisy's:
-sleep late
-make breakfast
-nap on long couch
-move back to bed for rest of napping
-make lunch
-nap on short couch
-move back to long couch for nap
-finally get up

Yeah, it was an oh-so-productive day.

I am a dreamer. Not in the sense that my head is in the clouds and I'm always looking for the next big thing. I'm a haver-of-dreams. I have some sleep issues. So I frequently remember my dreams. And today, my dreams were very theme-focused. I had a dream that I missed my guitar lesson. Then another dream that I missed my guitar lesson. Then, I dreamed that my guitar was smashed to bits right before my guitar lesson. And finally, I dreamed I missed my guitar lesson. Sense a theme? Must be very excited about my guitar lesson.

As a side note, at the local establishment, they had the best 80's new wave band, The Spazmatics, that was out-0f-this-world. I had the most fun with their music! And the guys that played the electric and bass guitar were awesome. Like, totally!

P.S. Daisy's day didn't end in such a particularly favorite manor. She got a bath:

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