Sunday, April 20, 2008

Easy Like Sunday Morning

I am away from home this morning. I'm away from routine, and away from my normal Sunday morning responsibilities. I'm still going to church here in Lubbock, because I want to. But it's so different this morning. Different in a good way.

- I did not have to get up and immediately start the getting ready routine.
- I did not have to get up before pretty much everybody in the apartment complex. In fact, I was the second to last one up here (no one gets up later than almost-teenage girls)
- When I finally did get up, I got to lounge around the bed for a few minutes with the dog love party. Then I got to lay on the couch for a few minutes with the dog love party. There's a lot of dog love on a Sunday morning. I even got to blog a minute before getting ready.
- I will not have to go back over my lesson before leaving the house, making sure I'm not forgetting. I don't even have to bring my lesson bookto church.
-And I get to go to church with my aunt, and sit next to her in a pew, which I haven't done in about six years, even though we always went to the same church.

I could get used to this, but I don't want to. See, I'm also missing a few things.
- I am not going to Starbucks right before church, to see Josh, my favorite barista.
- It's not one of my super-early mornings, when I go in early and journal for a little while before I get to hear and help the band get ready for morning worship, which is actually one of my favorite things.
- I don't get to see my little ones and play with the babies between services.
- And I won't go to my local sub shop and see the regulars there.

But I'm going to enjoy my Sunday morning, and I've got to go get ready now.

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