Sunday, April 20, 2008

“I am a man of intensity. Of cool and youth. And passionately.”

Alternate title: Hulu, you saved the day and I loved you.

Thursday night was some very well-spent time with a sweet sweet family that is really an answered prayer. They have seen the light and become fans of The Office, like all of the cool people of the world, and invited me over to watch it with them. But there was weather. Lots of weather. Purple and black and red and green weather. So we didn't get to watch the best show on television. But never fear, because Cara taped it for me, and I was headed to her house to watch it for the weekend.

And then, her DVR, in a moment of extreme evil technological uprising, failed to record the show. The Horror! The Nightmare! But alas, came to the rescue. I was able to hook up my laptop to the television and watch The Office.

It was brilliant. There was excessive swooning on my end as Jim displayed the ring and the "fake" proposal. Are there any men out there like Jim? Seriously...any of them? If you know someone, please give them this address. Please...

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