Tuesday, April 15, 2008

My Fingers Hurt

I am taking guitar lessons. Maybe you've heard me mention it?
I love my guitar, my guitar lessons, and my guitar teacher.
I do not love the pain it causes my fingers. Especially when I do the dishes shortly after practicing. I do not recommend that. To anyone. Even mortal enemies.

That's all for now. I'm still in a perpetually bad mood, only now it's escalated to the temper-tantrum throwing stage. Aren't you glad you weren't in the teacher's lounge or the library today? Trust me. You are. I might write about it soon. I might not.


  1. throw all your tantrums this week before you come out this weekend!!! love ya

  2. Tom Petty.

    Learn Tom Petty. Am, G, C, A, E, Em, D. In various orders and combinations and changes, and you can play 100 songs everybody knows. It's such an encouragement when you're learning to be able to play something fun. Seriously, having about 6 songs learned in two weeks encouraged me along.

    And learn barre chords, man. And play a lot of songs that don't have to sound great but you make up for lack of talent with enthusiasm! You can get away with Ramones and The Clash pretty early, too.

    Then you can develop your ability AFTER everybody thinks you're hip and with-it.

  3. I am sorry, I forgot to warn you about the pain :-(. Also sorry about the frustrations....I pray you have an AWESOME rest of your week :-).

  4. Brent,
    I told my guitar teacher from day one that Tom Petty was a personal favorite (we're both Gators), and he agreed with me, so I'm sure some of that is in my future. I can't wait until I can get the basics down enough just to play "Free Fallin'" It is then that I will fully feel rock star-ish...



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