Monday, April 28, 2008

On a Roll...

I did the math, and I've posted for something like eleven days straight, and now, even though I have nothing much to say, I feel like I have to say something. So, what's my fallback for everything? A list!!

Things I'm excited about right now:
- tomorrow, T-dub and Sam-I-Am are coming to my classroom because she needs a service hour, and my classroom door is always open. They both love children, so I can't wait for my little ones to get to meet them.
- my guitar lessons. Maybe you've heard me mention them over and over and over again. My guitar teacher says I am doing "very good" and he's a rock star so it must be true. And he wrote down a list of all the people I love to listen to and he's going to get some of their songs and teach me to play them. Isn't he the best? AND, when I mentioned that I love Marc Broussard, he knew who that was!! He is totally a rock star.
- Guatemala. I think I may be going there on a mission trip in August. Maybe. And I want to SO bad!
- a new project! A couple of people at our school are having babies, and I make a special scrapbook for them when they do. And they're all havin' boys. And one of the teachers' sisters is having a baby, and she wants me to do one for her! And it'll be a girl and it'll be pink! I've never actually been asked to do one, I've just done them for people as gifts. My work has been commissioned! I am a rock star! (Well, a scrap-booking rock star!)
- I've got a few more sort-of-scrapbooky-but-sort-of-not projects going, one involving my little ones, and I'm really looking forward to doing them...if they turn out. If they do not turn out, I never mentioned them and really, I don't know what you're talking about!
- Cara may come for a day on Monday, and I hope hope hope she does! But if she doesn't, I'll still call her back, even though she said she'd call me right back and didn't do so for over 15 hours!!
- I've got a dinner to cook and a bottle of wine in the fridge and my second favorite tv show (Bones) is on tonight so it looks like it's going to be a mice evening.

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