Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Bane of My Existence

Meetings. As the title suggests, they are the bane of my existence. I'm not even really sure what bane means, but I know I hate meetings, and I'm fairly sure that people hate me being in meetings, because I can't sit still for more than roughly fifteen minutes without looking bored or speaking up. And I promise you, people prefer the bored.

But I have a meeting at church tonight, at 7pm, and on the drive home I was trying to figure out what my afternoon/ evening is going to look like because of the 7pm meeting. And since I'm on so much of a role with the blogging that it's a personal challenge, I'm blogging about it.

4:30- a little computer time
5:00- get home, grab dog, go get dinner (because I'm starving)
5:20- get home and eat, watch a little World News Tonight and just chill for a bit
6:00- shower (it's an important meeting, and I've taught second grade, and I've had some sort of random flip flop thing, so I need a shower)
6:30- get all my stuff ready for said meeting and put dog in crate
6:40- leave for meeting to get there for 6:50, because I have obsessive-compulsive time issues and have to get to places early.

So, it's going to eat up all of my evening! Which is why meetings are the bane of my existence.

By the by...
I was trying to type that I have a flip flo....ue, but you can see how it comes out. Because apparently, if you type the "p" and the first three letters of "issue", even with a space, blogger thinks you're trying to type a dirty word, and so they delete it out. But for some reason, they don't delete shit. As in the word. Who knew? Just because I'm roughly an adolescent when it comes to things like this, I tried a bunch of other "dirty" words, and it didn't delete any of them but two. But I did. You're Welcome.

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