Saturday, April 26, 2008

Summer Breeze Playlist

I think I've decided my new playlist that I can't stop listening to long enough to give to someone else will be my summer playlist. I typically make a playlist for my girls for the beginning of summer, and I think this is it. It's very mellow, so I'm calling it the Summer Breeze playlist.

* "Summer Breeze" by Jason Mraz (a phenomenal cover, and it has to go on this CD because it's the name of the playlist. duh.)
* "Pride" by Syntax (I could listen to this song on repeat until the end of time.)
* "Next to You" by Tim Easton (mmmm....sitting on a porch swing...under a celing fan...)
* "Daughter" by Pearl Jam (one of my seniors watched Into the Wild and asked me if I knew that Eddie Vedder was the lead singer of Pearl Jam. Yes, darling. I do.)
* "Mr. Wendal" by Arrested Development
* "Sweet Child O' Mine" by Sheryl Crow
* "Hallelujah" by Jeff Buckley (wow. this song is wow.)
* "Until You" by Dave Barnes (Dave- I love you! Call me, k?)
* "It's Over Now" by Marc Broussard (very soulful...)
* "Back to the Pain" by Tim Easton (with Lucinda Williams. This is a good song. Very good song.)
* "Desire" by Ryan Adams (be careful if listening to this while driving. Swooning behind the wheel is frowned upon by the local police.)
* "On a Night Like This" by Dave Barnes (seriously, Dave. Call me. Soon.)

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