Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Facebook is Making My Head Hurt

Actually, it's the absence, if only for a day, of my ADHD meds that's really giving me a headache, but facebook could be a contributor. For the life of me, I'm not sure about this thing.

See, I'm getting further and further from face-to-face contact. And people I'm barely friends with in real life are my facebook friends, and I think that's weird. I guess I'm slowly moving to a point in my life where the word "friend" takes on a whole new meaning.

My aunt used to fuss at me because I'd always use the phrase "my friend, so-and-so" but it was not someone that I would hang out with. I was misusing the term. But now that I'm expanding my friendship circle and getting closer and closer to the few friends that I do have that I'm not enjoying the callous use of the term.

Or, maybe I've just been thinking too much in my tired state. Yeah, maybe that's it.

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