Friday, May 16, 2008

For Your Friday Amusement

Power Point Fun

My kiddos got to do their own power point on whatever they want. While I had an ample number of "how to play football" and "my family" entries, I had one that I really giggled at:

7 things on how to be cool
1. You got to have your hair in a awesome way.
This is what not to do:
Be a bum.
You half to order people like me.
Call:xxx-xxx-xxxx for more information.
This is for boys and girls.
Your best friend has to be cool like my friend J----.

Love my little ones.


  1. What if you have your hair in an awesome way, but you're kind of a bum?

  2. I'll ask the judges on Monday. This is why I love to just let the go with something I've taught them. You never know what you're gonna get, but it's sure going to be funny!

  3. 7?! I'm anxiously waiting for the other 6. (Power Point, the Sequel!)



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