Saturday, May 17, 2008

Too Pretty to Be Inside...

It's too gorgeous outside to be inside typing. I've got to get out there and get into it.

Last night, I was hit with such a creative streak that I made a huge dent in a project that I'm working on, and may even finish it before the weekend is over. But I also learned a very valuable lesson: When I'm deeply involved with the creative side of my brain, the other side- the logical, rational side- completely shuts down. I was unable to cook a frozen pizza without incident, prompting me to text my two BFF's with " okay, I don't need a husband, I need a zookeeper."

And, this facebook thing is fun, but I've recieved my first friend request from someone I've never even met before. I know who he is, because he used to go to our church, and I'm sure we have "mutual friends", but seriously, I've never met this dude in my whole entire life. Amazing this facebook thing. And I went ahead and confirmed him as a friend. Why not?

So, that's all. I'm out and about before a lovely dinner with my family. And I use the term lovely with as much sarcasm as will flow through the internet. I'm sure I'll have stories to last me through the week.

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