Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Magic Soaking My Spine

(I had intended to use this title for a post of a different nature, but oh well.)

My little boys are in bed. It's been a long night. I've let them stay up later than their mom said because it's the last two days of school and they've done absolutely nothing. I know because I'm a teacher.

I have been a baseball mom and a neighborhood-liver for two days now, and it has been joyful. My little prince had a baseball scrimmage tonight, and while I melted in the bleachers and comisserated with all the other moms, little brother played with the other baseball siblings that weren't out on the field. It was quite a posse I might add.

I watched when my little prince was up at bat or in the outfield. I cheered him and his teammates on. I reminded him to keep drinking water, and apologized for forgetting sunscreen. I let him call his daddy to tell him about the game. I have dirt under my fingernails, grit in my teeth, and a brush couldn't possibly make it through the tangles in my hair, thanks to the ridiculous wind we've been experiencing...

We grabbed dinner, and as soon as we hit the neighborhood, my boys were out playing. It was such a calm and gorgeous night I ended up taking my new boyfriend Spike the Dog out to watch the neighborhood cul-de-sac game of kickball, and even took a shot or two. One of my current little ones even pitched one of my shots. Of course, since I do everything in the world barefoot if at all possible and I'm not 21 anymore, I should have a lovely bruise on the top of my foot in the morning.

Ya'll, this is the life I was meant to lead. Not the wealth (though I'm sure it would be nice), but the family and the neighborhood, and the sitting at Sonic and talking about God and how big He is and how He can't ever die. (I love it that these boys asked me about it first thing. God job parents!!), and the playing with the neighborhood boys and girls and the standing out in the front lawn chatting with the other parents. This is the life I feel called to lead.

But it's late, and this momma is tired. And I have to be a teacher in the morning. And it's outside party day all day.

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