Friday, July 11, 2008

A Fine Frenzy

Last night was our High School Frenzy.
M unleashed 15 groups of high schoolers on the mall with instructions to find a select group of adults that were hidden and disguised throughout the mall. I say hidden and disguised, because all of them were disguised except one. Me. I was simply hidden.

That was not the original intention. I was supposed to be disguised as well, but one of my disguise ideas was also thought of by no less than five other adults. The other one was deemed "so wrong" by others. So, I had to get creative. And sometimes, the best way to be creative is to keep it simple.

I just went and got a pedicure. I killed two birds with one stone. I needed a pedicure before Sunday morning church. Anyone would agree on that one. But I had agreed to do this. Two birds, one stone.

So, I went to the little "day spa" at the mall. They took me behind a wall (still within the boundaries of the game) and I got my toes done. I was easy to find if you simply came in and look, since one of the other adults came in and brought me a cookie and a coke.

Here's the kicker: not one kid found me. Two found me when I was paying, as the game was coming to a close, but not one kid came in and looked. It was the best.

Even funnier: what the kids thought I would be dressed like. They know my creativity, and my mischieviousness. One of my girls said she was sure I'd be dressed like a tall black man. Wow. They completely overestimate me!

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  1. I thought that mall management (I asked) had, more or less, asked youth groups not to do that kind of stuff! Now, if we can just get the grocery stores to relax that rule we can get back to video scavenger hunts and kids singing the Oscar Meyer song with each team member holding a pack of franks!

    I love that stuff, man.



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