Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Getting Ready to Go

I am a gypsy. Sort of. Because of certain situations in my life, and pretty much how I've set it up, I can drop everything on a moment's notice and head out on an adventure. I take at least three out-of-town trips every year. And those are just the ones that require me to take my own bedding. This last year, because everything was going kind of pear-shaped for a while, one of the trips was on about six weeks' notice, and the other one was on exactly one week's notice.

Preparing for these trips is somewhat easy. I have a whole different wardrobe for them, that is kept clean, so packing is a breeze. And I've done them enough that I don't have to worry too much. I also have the option of a Walmart nearby all of them, so when your watch breaks and you're as time-obsessed as I am, you can ask your senior pastor's wife to get you a watch and she will bring you back a beautiful pink Hannah Montana watch that others will covet.

But this trip coming up, it's different. Preparing is different. I had to get a passport. I had to buy tea tree oil so I don't come back with lice. I had to buy 100% DEET and long pants for every day so I don't come back with sand fleas. I had to buy every over-the-counter medicine known to man because they don't have a Walmart and I am a big sissy when it comes to being sickly. Seriously, I could open up a pharmacy from my suitcase. I have to get a lot of cash because they don't have debit card machines in third-world Guatemala.

But, this trip is going to change my life, and I can't wait for God to show me how. But right now, the best preparation I can do for the trip is to go take a nap.

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