Thursday, July 03, 2008

White is the new tan

So, I'm out here in Lubbock, where the main agenda is to do nothing and lay in the pool all day every day. The only problem is that I am allergic to the sun. Not really, but my skin does not progress in the natural order of white to tan. It doesn't even go white-pinkish red-tan. Nope. It goes pasty-lobster-pasty with a touch of less-pasty in certain exposed areas. Like my feet. Because I always have a flip-flop tan on my feet.

So, I can only stay outside in small doses. Small doses that are marked by me respraying my body with sunscreen every 37 seconds or so. Small doses in which I feel a little warm and worry that I'm lobsterfying as I rest there.

But there are other elements of fun here in Lubbock. For instance, at one point this morning, as I slept in, I was surrounded by three dogs in various positions on or at the foot of the bed. Aah, heaven. And because it's the fourth of July weekend, there's some mighty yummy food in the refridgerator. And the celebration's already begun...

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