Friday, August 29, 2008

What Really Happened

So, you remember yesterday, when I was so exhausted that I was going to bed early. Well, here's how it really went down...

6:45 Talked to Mom, told her I was going to bed shortly after getting off the phone with her.

7:30 Put on pajamas, went to bed to read for a while. It was still light outside and I just couldn't bring myself to sleep with the light on outside my room

8:30 Put book away, go to sleep. Those things happened within seconds of each other. Even Daisy was a little confused.

9:01 Mother calls. See 6:45 above. Where I tell her I'm going to bed early. Mom leaves message as I am too disoriented to answer the phone

9:02 Call mother back, clearly from a sleepy stupor. Keep it short, answer one question. Go back to sleep.

9:20 Teenager Text. Reply to text. Go immediately back to sleep.

9:30 Peace Corps Queen calls. Again, miss call because I can't figure out what that noise is, and where it is coming from, and is the tv on and why is The Office on at 9:30 (that's my ringtone)

9:40 Aunt text. Reply. Go immediately back to sleep.

10:20 Best Friend calls. Can't find phone again. You'd think after the third phone call I'd be with it enough to remember the phone is on the nightstand directly next to my head. But then I'd say you have never seen me when I wake up in the morning...

Wait for message, to see if I need to call her back before I actually commit to conversation. No message. Will call tomorrow. Go back to sleep.

5:00am today...wake up wondering why in the h-e-double-hockey-sticks I'm so tired...

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  1. ummm....h-e-double-hockey-sticks is a cuss word, ma'am. ; ) LOVE YOU!!!!!



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