Friday, September 05, 2008

Here We Go Again

Funny enough, I was just thinking last night about writing a post about being single and what I am looking for in a guy/boyfriend/mate. Am still gonna write it, but…

This morning, before school even starts, I get a phone call from the Peace Corps Queen (PCQ). A little background: She has a friend (who surprisingly enough was not in the Peace Corps). The friend has a husband, who has a friend at work.

You can see where this is going.

A while back, we headed out to celebrate the PCQ’s birthday, and heard the best 80’s new wave band ever. Well, I guess I made an impression, because a few days ago, the husband approached PCQ about her friend. You know. Her friend. The one that he met that one time. You know. When we went to the place to hear the band. Yeah…that friend.

Well, he’s got a friend at work, and he was thinking maybe he should set her friend (me) up with that friend. So, here we go again.

I just hope the PCQ is ready to marry this guy. See, the last two times a single girl tried to set me up with someone, they both married the guy about a year later. I went to one’s wedding, and the other one’s son’s baptism. In the Greek Orthodox church. Which was weird. And long. Shouldn’t have worn heels.

But I digress. PCQ talked to her friend, who talked to her husband, who talked to the guy, and then they did that in reverse order, and now everyone seems to be on board with the whole thing. So the PCQ was calling to ask me if I was still interested and if I wanted to do it as a group outing or as a traditional, completely-blind date. Um, group date please.

So, in two weekends, I’m going to meet a guy. He’s older and divorced and has a kid, but as my aunt says “Beggars can’t be choosers, so smile pretty and act nice.” But I’m open to anything. I haven’t been on a date in four years. Yes, four years. And while the last two or three guys I’ve met have chosen someone else over me, at some point someone is going to have to choose me. I’m not going to pin my hopes on this one, but I’m not going to go into this one as I do the others…expecting failure and rejection.

I’m going to smile and act nice. And of course I’ll let ya’ll all know how it goes!


  1. did you warn PCQ about the marriage issue???

  2. She knows. I'm pretty sure I mentioned it. She swears she won't be interested in him, but you never know....

  3. Anonymous8:49 PM CDT

    not interested...he is all yours! love your PCQ



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