Saturday, September 20, 2008

In Which I Go To Church and End Up in the ER...Again

I'm fine. I was just a bystander, but I gotta tell ya it was pretty cool riding down 35 in the back of an ambulance with the lights blaring.

What happened?
A visitor at our church fell in the parking lot, apparently fracturing her arm. Like how I used the word "fracturing" instead of "breaking"? I'm not a nurse, but I play one on TV.

Anyway, she tripped over her 2 year old, and instead of falling on him, she fell on her elbow. So the ambulance was called, and the fire truck came too. How did I get involved?

This was the woman's first visit to our church ever. She was there for a group that meets for divorced people. And they were the only people who even knew her name. But she had a 2 year old and an 8 year old with her. And at my church, 2 year olds and more-specifically 8 year olds are my business. So I came over to see who was dealing with the kids, and the 2 year old attached himself to me. 2 year olds typically do that.

As she was loaded into the ambulance, the 2 year old wanted to be within sight of his mom. Since I was the only one there without children of their own, so I ended up in the ambulance for the free ride.

I'm just thankful Sherry was there and thinking it through enough to follow me to the hospital to drive me home, or I'd have been stuck in Grapevine.

And the other time I went to church and ended up at the c was having a heart attack and asked me to drive him. And the chewing out when I got back because you're never supposed to put a person having a heart attack into a Won't do THAT again!!

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  1. forgot to mention this to me this morning because...why??? This is huge and you should have said something! ; )



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