Thursday, October 09, 2008

Book Fairs and Brittish Pen Pals

I love you bookfair! You are my favorite!!
It is bookfair time of year, and I just love walking around, browsing through all the books, older and newer releases, thinking about which ones my pets will choose. I've been given two gift certificates already, and I have almost spent them both. I finished the Twilight series in August, and the writer of that wrote an adult novel. I'd avoided buying it, because at the time I didn't need to get sucked into another book. But it was at the bookfair, and I had a gift certificate. Of course, it's a sci-fi novel, and my nerd card is about to expire, so it just seemed right to get it. And they didn't have The People of Sparks.

See, the problem with instilling a love of reading and learning in your children is that when you want to buy the next book in the series you're reading, they've already beat you to the local bookstore.

Oh, and the Brittish Pen Pals. My friend the Peace Corps Queen hooked us up with a class of 5th graders in England for a pen pal thing. I'm afraid a few of my children are not going to get to be pen pals, because I do not want them representing our country:
"Do they speak English there?"
"Are they going to be able to read these letters?" pen pals for you.

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    You sound like the Seinfeld Soup Nazi.





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