Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A Fabulous deal and some classroom humor

So, Old Navy is having an extra 50% off of their clearance, and this is always the time I clean up on deals. I got 8 tee shirts and a spring sweater for $19. The most I spent on any one item is $3.74. Original price of all the loot: $127. I saved 85%. I'm pretty impressed with myself. I'm going to try something crafty with one of the tee shirts, and if I ruin it, I only wasted $1.97. Two of the tee shirts I got two of so I could do crafty things, and because they were $1.97 each.

This is a true story from my classroom today:
I was lecturing on spiders, and we discussed that they molt their skin. One of the kids asked for clarification on what molting is, and I explained that they shed their skin like a snake. Then I hear this:
kid A: "Hey F, how did you get the 5 foot snake out of your front bushes?:
kid F: "Well, we...wait. How did you know about that?"
kid A: "My mom read it on your mom's facebook page."

What have we done to our youth?

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