Saturday, May 30, 2009

We're already off to a good start.

A man showed up at my door a few minutes ago.Very very sweaty man.
"Hi, I'm ---. I've got a small dog, about this big, so he shouldn't be any trouble."

Um, okay.
"I'm Jennifer. Nice to meet you."
"And your friend?"
"This is Daisy."
"Nice to meet you."

Still. Um, okay.
"Are you moving in upstairs?"
"Oh, yes. I lived in building 13 but now I'm moving to a smaller apartment."

Now it's starting to click. He's with the girl I just spoke with that is moving in.
"Oh, and the girl out she with you?"
"Yes. That's my fiance."
"And she is...?"
"Oh...Her name is ----. But we're not married, so we DON'T live together."
Relax there captain. I'm not the morality police. While I'm glad you and your fiance chose the moral route that I would choose, you can simmer down because I'm not going to judge you or bite your head off.

I was a smidge disappointed that I have someone living upstairs, but he came down and introduced himself and he seems to be making minimal noise, so we're already going to be in better shape than the last one that lived up there!

Things that make my world go round:
- old episodes of Bones. They have the best music (Howie Day, Mike Doughty) but it's not easily sewn into the episodes. And in the eariler episodes, Bones and Booth are trying to figure each other out, and it's the best...
- the little dog snoring at my feet. She went to the groomer today (minus the trip to the vet this time) and she is plumb worn out. I like her when she's plumb worn out.
- My next door neighbors' sons, who are complete opposites. A is always super-talkative, which is why I have a crush on him. His brother M, is the shyest person I've ever met. He was forced to say hello to me today and I think it might have just worn him out.
- An unexpected episode of "Pushing Daisies" that I've never seen before. It makes me so very happy. I love Ned. A lot.

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