Monday, June 08, 2009

Summer- Day 1

Did I spend a majority of the day in pants that are marketed as swimsuit cover-ups? Yes
Was I wearing my swimsuit underneath? No.

Did I spend a good majority of the day whining about how hot it was? Yes.
Was I justified, as it was about a million degrees outside? Yes.

Did I start the summer off by going to Starbucks, only to run into a kid who is possibly the craziest now-fourth grader that we have to look forward to next year? Yes.
Did I go to Target and run into not one, but two of my students for next year? Yes.
Was one of them throwing random pretzels that he got from God knows where into the bags of chips at Target? Yes.
Am I glad that it's his notoriously less-mischevious twin that's on my list? Yes.

Today was a good start to the summer. I went in to work for the morning, getting up to speed with what's happening this summer, and getting my marching orders for the week. The boss man is out of town on choir tour, so I've got an easy week ahead. It gave me time to come home after lunch and some pretty exciting things:
- got car registration up to date
- cleaned kitchen. While it barely made a dent in the swirling vortex of entropy that is my apartment right now, it helped me settle myself down a little.
- go grocery shopping. Am I a nerd that I love to ring up the whole basket and then enter my shopping card, just to watch the "total" numbers falling? Wait, don't answer that!
- organize laundry. Notice it doesn't say "do laundry." Things were such a mess that I had to spend an evening just organizing it!

Tomorrow holds more exciting adventures: work, then dry cleaning, car inspection, and then more apartment cleaning! I can't, however, express the joy I feel knowing that no where on any of my lists is the words "grade papers."

P.S. It's hot.

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