Tuesday, June 09, 2009

She’s got good spatial awareness…and great hair. She’s a keeper, man.

(Failure to Launch)

So, this post is about hair and fashion. These are not two topics I typically cover. I am far from fashionable, though I am a bit hairy. Especially my legs. But I digress...

I'll cover fashion first. This was all sparked by a teacher at my school that saw me wearing a dress one day and said "You are always so put together and dressed so well! Don't you ever have a slouchy day when you dress like a slob?!"

Did you hear that loud noise? That is the sound of all the people who know me collectively falling off of their chairs in fits of uninhibited laughter. Somewhere, someone just read that and is now choking on whatever they were drinking that just shot out their nose.

Seriously? When have I ever been considered fashionable? Yes, I own more skirts than one person should. Yes, I wear dresses a lot, but I'll let you in on a little secret. I wear them for the ventilation and the flowing styles that are now popular. Since I live in Texas and it's June, I live in about a zillion degree heat every day. The last thing I want touching my tummy or my thighs or my anything else is constricting fabric.

Also, one of the main reasons I wear dresses is this: to put it on, I slip it on over my head and I'm dressed! One motion. Voila!

Rest assured that teacher was not mislead any farther. The very next day was "Windsuit Wednesday" which is pretty much our faculty excuse to wear something that could easily pass for pajamas. I went into her room with my hair thrown up into a pony tail and showed her that not only was I wearing black pants with a navy hoodie, they both had a hole in them (thank you Guatemalan volcano). I assured her that I do wear slobby clothes sometimes.

Now, on to hair. This is my new hair obsession, or hairstyle as some would call it. I first read about it here, and then decided that while it was cute and sounded like a great idea, it would never work with my hair and I would look stupid. But I tried it anyways. And went to the last two days of work with it. And got so many compliments that it's my new summer hairstyle.

My aunt and cousins think it looks ridiculous, but my cousins think anything about me looks ridiculous. My coworkers think it looks wedding-y. Hey...maybe some guy will come up to me and say "hey...your hair looks ready for a wedding. Let's do it." You never know. It could happen.

One cool bonus is that when I take it down, it brings out all the natural wave in my hair and I get to look like this. For about 37.4 seconds, because I live in Texas in June. But it's a very chic 37.4 seconds.

Things that make my world go round:
-Sleeping in during the summer. I love turning the 5am alarm off!
- The movie The Hangover...even if I was watching it with my mother!
- String cheese. You make me happy.
-My lone long fingernail that's holding on. I have a feeling that it's going to come off in a blaze of glory, complete with cursing and probably blood...

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  1. I DID NOT say it looked ridiculous! You had been napping when I first saw it, the next time it was cuter... sorry I didn't notify you.
    and a little coffee may have come from my nose when I read that...xoxo



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