Monday, June 22, 2009

Well, let’s start from ridiculous and go from there.

(Stranger Than Fiction)

I’m going to bullet post this thing because I’ve got lots of thoughts about a lot of things lately.

- Jim Parsons (Sheldon on Big Bang Theory) is brilliant. I absolutely love him. For him to be able to deliver the lines he is given with such accuracy must require brilliance. The Hofstatdler Isotope episode is hilarious.

- Jon and Kate Plus 8. I am over it. Trust me, there was a LOT more written about this subject before I just hit delete. The whole thing’s just gross.

- Fox has a new reality television show. I’m also bothered by this. The basic premise is The Bachelor with fat people. To make it even more special (and ya’ll know how I really feel when I use the word “special”), the show is titled “More to Love.” Yes, the 25 bachelorettes are all plus-sized. So is the bachelor. There are SO many things wrong with this. So. Many. Things.

- So my thoughts that my longer than usual workout regimen would help me be sleepy tonight did not work. I haven’t been able to sleep lately, and it’s weird. I go to bed at a reasonable hour every night, and then just lie there and toss and turn. Looks like tonight’s no different. How sad for me.

- I've still got to post my thoughts on Guatemala, the teacher's night out stories, and a few other things. Tomorrow night's nursing home night, so I should really get some sleep!


  1. Jon & did the EVER get a book deal and launch it in Christian bookstores. They are FAR from ANY "Christian" marriage I would ever strive to have. They really are sad. Rich with all the goodies TLC has lavished on them, but very sad.

    Do we need to start watching The Big Bang Theory? We need some more laughs while we wait for The Office to return. ; )

  2. y-- that's for the "y" left off of "the"

    ?-- that's for the "?" left off the question.

    You know I can't handle that typo stuff. ; )



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