Saturday, June 06, 2009

You just blew a dog whistle of crazy, and I'm not a dog.

So, I went to my classroom today, thinking I had about 12 - 24 hours of work ahead of me. This is what I walked into at 1:30ish this afternoon.

See the empty trash can? That was my secret weapon. It was completely empty when I got it to my room. It's completely full now, and sitting in the middle of the room. There were so many things I couldn't throw away with the kids in the room.

After only two hours of work and one very full trash can, it looks like this. All of the boxes in the middle of the room are to be sorted tomorrow into two piles: Going to Guatemala, and Going into the trash. But that's another post.

So, this afternoon, I went from my classroom to the Target. I got a very generous gift card from my class to there. I refused to use this gift card to buy things like toilet paper and toothpaste, but I was particularly hungry and a smidge unfocused, so the list of things I brought home are a teensy bit varied:
- bobby pins (for my new summer to follow)
- hair gel (see above)
- bacon
- frozen pizza (a girl's gotta eat dinner)
- string cheese
- skirt...this skirt was 50% off. Since I typically only buy clothes from Target that are 75% off, this $10 skirt was a total splurge for me.
- scrapbook paper organizer...boy did I need this.
- pictures printed and begging to be scrapbooked

I'm sure there are some other things I got. I only spent about half the card.

That's about all that I can get out for now. Bedtime soon.
I'm hoping with the less-strenuous hours and summer times, I'll have a lot more to write. I have plenty to write and hairdos, Guatemala, etc. We'll see...

Things that make my world go round:
- Pushing Daisies is on right now. They cancelled the show, and had three episodes left, and I managed to catch last week's and this week's too! The people on this show are simply wonderful. I love you Ned. I want to be you Chuck! Ah...

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  1. Anonymous1:38 AM CDT

    So I am a horrific friend but please do not tell me you are moving rooms?!? Why in carnation are you taking down all of your wall stuff? I mean I still have a Science and Math wall thanks to your brilliant suggestions. Those are not coming down until a baby comes out of me or they paint...whichever comes guess is paint. :)
    I know we said japanese soon...and I am leaving Wed around noon. And I in no right mind to plan anything for tues when I was supposed to pack today and I didn't. Ok I am going to email you as this is getting long.
    I'm thinking Labor Day Lubbock again? Just a whisper of thought as Sept is very far away!
    talk soon. PCQ



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