Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Actually, it's my weekly evil-conspiracy and needlepoint group. You wanna come?

Stranger Than Fiction...LOVE that movie.

Tonight was my weekly visit at the nursing home. As part of our summer LiFE group, we chose something out in the community to go and participate in making things a little bit better. Every Tuesday night, we go to the nursing home and sing hymns, do crafts, play BINGO, and just generally visit and have fun. It is my favorite hour of the week.

I love my residents. Mr. T told me as I was leaving not to run off with any old men this week.
Sure thing Mr. T.

When I was introduced to one of the residents today, she heard "Jim" instead of "Jen" and now thinks that is my name. I'm okay with it.

When I got there tonight, Mrs. K was showing Mr. T her artwork. They were out chatting in the hall. One of the nurses asked me later if they were arguing, and I said no, but I'd sure like to see that...they are so funny!

They are also very funny when I go to the rooms and ask them if they want to come sing/craft/Bingo with us. They either say yes, and I walk with them or wheel them down, or they say no as if I have asked them the stupidest question they've ever heard in their entire lives.

I love the elderly.

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  1. ya'll could take a road trip and go to Aunt Effie's nursing home to let her be the one who looks at you crazy when you ask her to come play...



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