Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Booth believes that the cringe factor was too high, even though cringe factor is not a valid mathematical construct.

I am watching “More to Love” and the cringe factor is off the charts. Off. the.charts.

My first and biggest fear is that my mother is watching this and will want to discuss it with me. Seriously. I specifically asked God not to let her know about it.

Now. I should say that I don’t watch much reality television. I don’t regularly watch the Bachelor, American Idol, Jon and Kate Plus Eight Plus Jon’s Girlfriend Plus Kate’s Bodyguard, or really any of those shows. I hate reality shows to begin with. I like shows that engage me intellectually, or shows on the Hallmark or Oxygen channel.  So I’m not really giving this show a chance to begin with necessarily, but Oh Mai Gawd.

This show is a train wreck.

First, there are some similarities between this show and the standard bachelors. One girl’s already drunk. One girl just jumped into the pool in her dress to get his attention. He’s already kissed three girls. Many girls have already “felt a connection” with the bachelor. Several girls have already started crying.  Oh, and right before he gives out the last ring, the host comes out and announces it’s the last ring…you know, in case we can’t count.

Also like the other bachelor shows, many of the girls are inappropriately dressed. Unfortunately, “inappropriately dressed” means something so very different for us bigger girls. Yes, I understand that the advantage to being a bigger girl is our voluptuousness, but seriously, there is entirely too much cleavage going on in this show. And let’s cover up those shoulder, back, complete arm tattoos, shall we?

As for the differences…um, wow. For each girl, they put on the screen her name, where she’s from, and her height and weight. There’s so much wrong with that. Instead of roses, he gives each girl “promise rings”.

And the girls themselves. Oh man. There are more hang-ups than a telemarketing center. I guess it’s what happens when you put a bunch of 22 and 23 year old girls, with a few 30’s thrown in for good measure. There’s a lot of talk thrown around about “all the skinny girls,” using phrases like “junk in the trunk”. They talk about society’s views of beauty and  then go on to discuss which undergarments they are wearing.

It’s ridiculous and as previously stated, a train wreck of a cringe fest. But I’m going to keep on watching it. I’m curious now.

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  1. you were complainingabout this show before it ever came out...why are you watching it???????



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