Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Let me start by saying that balancing your checkbook is SUPER-fun. It's all budgeted, and I'm not worried, etc...See, I typically write everything down in a somewhat obsessive fashion, and just do the math as I'm swiping the debit card. But sometimes, my check register runs out and they don't have one handy at Target, so I have to wait a while until I can get the checkbook under control...it's just doing that kind of math all at once and watching those kinds of numbers dwindle makes a girl clutch her pearls for a moment...and having to do the math on my cell phone calculator doesn't help either.

Moving on...
Today's the day I'm primarily preparing for Guatemala. I'm laughing at just how different preparing this year is compared to last year, now having one experience under my belt.

Last year, I bought every medication I thought I might need for every ailment that I thought I might get while I was there. While I was there, I barely used any of it, so now I have no need to hit the CVS.

This year, I've already bought two back-up sets of batteries for my camera, and my task today is to buy another camera card. Last year, I took 847 pictures. That's not an exaggeration. That's the exact number. When we were walking up the volcano, the batteries in my camera died, so I have few pictures there, and very few of Antigua. This year, I'll be prepared. I also have a much higher resolution on my camera, so I need another card to hold the pictures. Luckily, they're on sale at the office supply places.

Last year, I bought one little travel bottle of tea tree oil shampoo and conditioner for the trip. This year, PandaMom and PandaPop got me a big bottle of the shampoo, and I've fallen in love with it, so I had to go buy the conditioner to match. Lice beware! Not only are you not welcome on my head, I now know how to use the Rid, so I laugh in your face little lice!

Last year, I had long hair that went into braids every day, which required me to stock up on little rubber bands. This year, I have not-so-long hair and have had to stock up on bobby pins.

Last year, I had to go out and buy lots of pants to wear, which is not the easiest task in mid-July. I found one black pair that I fell in love with. I will not be taking that pair this year. They have a hole in them from the volcano, and it's my own little battle scar. I've found a couple more pair for super-cheap at the Target, so I'm all set.

Last year, I was fumbling around trying to find last minute things and trying to figure out what to take and leave behind. This year, I'm taking two of the girls going with us so they won't be where I was last year. Just tryin' to spread the knowledge.

I've been here way too long, the checkbook is balanced, and now I must make the dreaded trip to Walmart for a few more last minute things and price checks for orphan gifts.

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