Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I found a baby once…ya, at a Coffee Bean.

So, I promise I will write you a post (not a poem) about my sister and our recent escapades, especially since yesterday I asked PandaMom to give me one good reason not to drive to Lubbock and kick her butt. PandaMom gave me the sage advice to just reply “no.” to the text message and let it be. Which is what I wisely did.

Yesterday, I got a call from my BFF and she needed me to watch her baby, who is my little love. He is a fabulous little baby. He turned 6 months old today, and he’s at that fabulous trying-but-not-succeeding-to-be-mobile stage. He hung out on his favorite blanket, while we watched Princess Protection Program on Disney. Around 11:30, he’d had enough of the Disney cheezyness and fell asleep on my chest. BFF and I laugh because every time he and I snuggle, he falls right to sleep. I love him.

We had our usual photo session, which I will be scrapbooking shortly. The difference in today’s babysitting gig was that he came to my hood, so Crazy Daisy got to have a baby on her turf for the first time ever. She was very excited at first, while he was in his carrier. She sniffed, she sniffed some more, and she tasted him to see if he should stay. He’s teething, so he’s got the serious drool going on, and she helped keep his chin clean and drool-free.

However, BFF left and I took him out of the carrier, and that did not sit well with her majesty. She was very well-behaved, and didn’t bother him once after he was out on his blanket or in my arms.

That didn’t mean she liked it. Here’s my picture of the day:

If he was not in my arms, she was in my lap, needing immediate reminders that she was the object of my affection. She stayed on the couch and napped, but I’m pretty sure she kept one eye open, and she was more than overjoyed when BFF came and took that thing away.

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  1. Please, for all that is right and good, let Princess back on her throne. That picture is too heartbreaking for words.

    Roses are red, violets are blue
    Daisy and sharing?-clearly taboo. ; )



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