Sunday, July 05, 2009

I’ve fallen down the rabbit hole and into a land of madness!

Big Bang Theory

That’s the thought that was running through my mind as I came home and had dinner with my parents.


- Upon arriving home, my mother states that my dad really wants us (he and I) to take Daisy to the Dog Day at the Rangers’ game. Seriously. That’s what she said.

- When he walked into the room, he seconded it, and when I discovered that the next Dog Day at the park was in September, he told me to go ahead and get the tickets. I have gone through the looking glass.

After this, I had a conversation with my mother, which always leaves me feeling like I’ve fallen down the rabbit hole. Here’s how it went:

Me: “Oh I forgot that there is chicken pox at the orphanage.”

Mom: “That’s okay. You had your shot when you were a baby.””

Me: “Um, no I didn’t. The shot wasn’t even approved by the FDA until I was 15 and had the chicken pox.”

Mom: “Um, I’m pretty sure you had the shot because I had the shot.”

Me: “You didn’t have the shot Mom.”

Mom: “Yes I did. I remember.”

Me: “No, you didn’t. Maybe Measles? Mumps? Diptheria?”

Mom: “No….it was chicken pox.”

Me: “Or small pox?”

Mom: “Yes! Small pox! That’s it!”

You people wonder why I’m crazy. It runs in the family.

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