Friday, July 24, 2009

What'd you have for breakfast? You smell like gravy.

I’m back from camp, and have woken up from my post camp coma nap. I came home to a clean house, which rocked my world, and found both an Izze apple in the fridge and a pint of Blue Bell in the freezer.

I’m halfway through the laundry, and found that the Oxygen network has my back, with a showing of both Steel Magnolias and Pride and Prejudice. I’m ready to finish the laundry and write a little.

I wasn’t sure what I’d be posting about camp. So much to chose from. A couple of interesting situations during the week, and I’ve decided I’ll blog about those separately. But for now, a general rundown. Once upon a time I made a top ten list and such, but now it’s just a list:

At camp, I…
… had the best of friends (Panda Mom and JMom) to help me get through the week.
… spent a good bit of time in the Word, albeit in the same place most days, and journaled consistently, something I hadn’t done in quite some time, which is probably why I have been a little stressed and scattered lately.
… met my sarcastic, intelligently witty match. Our band bass player is 10 years younger than me, and exceptionally smart, witty, and hilarious. This guy was a rock star. I was so jealous of his humor all week.
…occasionally snuck over to the student side to hear some of their speakers and spend some time with my Sam I Am, and her T-Dub, whose sweet friendship is such a beautiful part of my life right now.
… got to drive T-Dub’s truck, as I helped get a golf cart that wasn’t mine out of the mud in which it was stuck.
… was continuously searching for my golf cart, as a few of the older men at student camp found it very amusing to move it every time I had it parked somewhere, even when I had the key.
… went down an enormous slip and slide. I slipped and slid down a billboard they were using as a tarp.
… learned how to use this, which will actually come in handy in Guatemala, I think. I’m actually pretty sure that’s why God threw me this particular curve ball.
… got to see my senior pastor’s interpretation of the Evolution of Dance. It rocked my world and made me almost fall off of my chair.
…dressed cutely and was well-put together every night for dinner, which was both a challenge for me and a far cry from my “why look cute? We’re just at church camp…” days. All of this might have been because I…
… fell in luuuuuuuv with one of the student speakers. I actually fall in luuuuv with him pretty much every time he’s in our state, but this time, it was somehow different. Don’t worry, that’s one of those separate posts. But don’t get your hopes up. I am back home and he is back home and it was just not meant to be.
… survived Thursday night, in which the disco ball really was hanging by a thread, and the wheels had definitely fallen off the bus for me. Again, it’s one of those separate posts.

I thought of a few more last night as I was drifting in and out of sleep, but can't remember them this morning. Oh well. It was a great week and I am a better girl for going.

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