Monday, August 24, 2009

Phrases from the first day...

Here are some of the phrases from the first day of school. I did not utter any of them.

"Yeah, that's what I do when I fall on my head." (Unfortunately I didn't hear the begining part)
"Dude, use some common sense."
"I did not see that coming."
"That was a rhetorical question, right?"
"Um....when do we get some free time?"

and finally...
"Oh my GOD will you SHUT UP?!?!?!?"

More or less my kiddos are good, solid kids. One whole side of the room is super-chatty, and one whole side is ghostly quiet. It's very odd.

And then there's my one little one. I knew what I was getting into before this morning, but it was still a bit of an issue. But, I can tell what he needs, and I think we might be able to work on it.

We'll see.

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