Saturday, September 19, 2009

1234567890,”: Simply because I can.

Well, my keyboard seems to have corrected itself. Ya’ll, that was the weirdest thing I’ve ever seen! Punctuation ran from the Grammar Snob herself. I just didn’t know what to do. I now feel the need to punctuate every sentence and use lots of numbers simply because I can.

I’ve not posted the next segment in the September Stories. It’s a little intimidating, actually. See, the previous parts have been the prelude. The introduction, if you will. And when I start this next chapter… well, it’s when we met and fell in love. It’s the best part. The first three months of this whole shebang are the best times of my life. And I’m almost afraid to go there. It’s the one part of the relationship I don’t play back over and over again in my head. It has almost a mystic beauty about it, and it’s the part I’m almost afraid to revisit.

But I will. It’s Saturday afternoon, and I’m wearing a bright orange shirt that says “The Swamp” and I’m looking at one of my favoritest places in all the world via the television, watching my favoritest college matchup, even if it is supposed to be a blowout. So, because it’s Saturday and game day, it feels safe to go there.

You’ll have to wait until tomorrow, though. It’s going to take some time to write. When I was reading Pioneer Woman’s Love Story, I couldn’t figure out why she would wait a whole week between posts. Couldn’t she just sit down and tell the whole story? She lived it… it’s not like she’s having to create it from scratch.  But now that I’m writing one of my own, I understand. Life keeps happening. And this bad boy may take me more than a month to get out.

Plus, as  a bonus, I found the precious few pictures I’d saved from that relationship, and have acquired a scanner. So not only will you get to hear the story, you’ll get to see pictures!

Tomorrow’s Daisy’s First Ballgame. Lord help us. I can’t believe my dog is going to the Ranger Game. With my dad. How exactly did I end up here?

And Tim Tebow just ducked his head and ran helmet-first into a group of Volunteer defenders instead of doing the “smart quarterback” thing and just sliding into the down. I love you Tim Tebow. You make the game worth watching.

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