Sunday, September 20, 2009

Going medieval with nothing to lose

The most interesting thing about this blind date that started it all is that I don’t remember it. Me, the girl that remembers every little slightest thing, remembers little-to-nothing about one of the most significant events of her life.

I don’t remember meeting him at the door. I don’t remember getting on the bus. I don’t remember the ride down there. Did we force small talk? I know that when we first entered, he said he was going to the bar to get a drink, and when he asked if I wanted one, my response was an immediate “yes, please.” Which is unusual for this people-pleasing rule-follower who was not quite 21 at the time.

I sort of remember thinking I had nothing to lose, so why try to be anything but me? From what I understand later, I was unabashed and unapologetic in my words and actions, something I hadn’t been in many, many years- since my age was measured in single digits. It was a blind date, and I never really expected to see this guy again after homecoming, so why should I bother trying to be anyone else?

I don’t remember when during the evening we started holding hands. I don’t remember our first kiss. I vividly remember the kissing that ensued later, but that first, should-be-magical kiss escapes me. I left the evening knowing that I’d had a surprisingly good time, and I might possibly want to see this guy again.

When we got home, we fumbled through ‘goodbyes’, through ‘it was fun’, and through ‘we should do this again or whatever’. Then, it was time to wait. I told my sorority sisters I had fun and I hoped he called. He told his fraternity brothers (I found out later) that I was the coolest girl he’d ever met. I ended things for good with Accidental Rugby Boyfriend, though I still hoped a little bit that things might work out with Jonah.

Sundays in Greek-land are always recovery days. Nothing happens and nothing is expected to happen. Mondays, however, are the days when the events of the weekend unfold. Hogan told me Lex Luther told her that George had asked him for advice and my number. Lex didn’t have it, so he had to call our sorority house (the Pink Palace), and because he was a boy and I was a girl, he had to wait three days to call. So he called our house phone, and I answered.

I’m fairly certain we had dinner next, and maybe went to a movie? Again, I don’t remember. I do know there was a date to Busch Gardens in Tampa that his fraternity was going on, but for some reason I couldn’t go, or he couldn’t go, but it set up the date that I do remember. In which I fell in love, and our life together began.

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