Monday, September 21, 2009

Dog day afternoon...

I have not recovered well from this weekend. I'm fighting sleep as I type this.

However, God is very gracious to me, and a couple of my kids are absent, including the one who wears my soul out. The others that wear my soul out are unusually quiet and compliant, so they either know something's off with me, or are simply worn out themselves.

I would be remiss not to share with you the dog day afternoon that was the Rangers' game yesterday. We took Daisy to her first baseball game, and though I dreaded this and laughed about this and made fun of this, we had a really good time!

Here we are arriving at the park. Daisy was quite excited both to ride the whole way there in the front seat, and also to get to look out the window and see the sights!

Once there, my dad had to get her good and situated, making sure she was comfortable and happy.

There were SO many other dogs there. There was one Great Dane/ Bull Mastiff mix that was so spotted I was quite certain he was a cow.

This is where Daisy spent most of her time during the game.

Under my seat.

Much like at home.

Me and my girl. Please do not look at me in this picture.

Only look at my dog.

She's the star here.

And, finally, the one who was most excited about this whole day.

The "grandfather".

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