Thursday, September 10, 2009

From the classroom...

Tonight, amidst much frustration and such, my BFF called, exercising her sixth sense, and told me to come over. I said "deal." Nowadays, when we get together, it's at her house, because she's the stay-at-home-mom-whose-husband-is-a-teacher/coach, so we don't really need to go anywhere or spend any money. So I go over there for two hours and play with my beloved little H and we just talk. And watch TV. And I come back feeling a little more like myself.

Since I wasn't at home long enough to write much tonight, I'm leaving you with some phrases I heard and/or uttered just today from my classroom:

Me: “Kid! Stop doing that or you will poke yourself in the eyeballs with your scissors!”
Other kid: “That would be awesome!”

As I’m passing out papers, I’m hearing snippets of different conversations including:
“Okay, smart one…how did he make it past security?”

and my personal favorite:
“Dude…what channels are you allowed to WATCH?”

It's what keeps me going.

I have a new book and since I read the introduction at dinner, I may have to stay up all night reading it...

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