Saturday, October 03, 2009

Just your standard Saturday.

Woke up. Lay around with College Game Day.Shower and dress and head out the door.
Go to several stores. Resist the urge to buy anything scrapbook related at both JoAnn's and Michael's. Go to a couple of more places.

Come home, realize zipper of jeans has been down the entire time. Figures.
Take off shoes...realize one sock has been on inside-out the whole time. Figures.

Decide to go to a movie. Put on slightly nicer clothes. Put on favorite brown shoes.
Discover the bow has come off of one of the shoes. Try to remove bow from other shoe. Won't work.
Go to movies with bow on right shoe and none on left. Who's going to notice my shoes anyway?

Discover two things at the movies.
1. Built-in cup-holders are very hard to see in the dark.
2. Icee cups are surprisingly resilient and contain contents of entire icee when dropped from seat-level into imaginary cup-holder. Nary a coke-flavored sip spilled. I'm suffiiciently impressed.

Saw the movie Whip It. Thoroughly enjoyed it. A little bit predictable, a little bit not. Fine flick.
Couldn't figure out who one of the characters was because he sounded incredibly like Owen Wilson, but was clearly not. Credits indicate it's his brother Andrew. Am impressed.

Called The Aunt. Listened to tales of extremely bad, childish behavior of The Sister. Enjoyed it a bit too much. Got a hot tip on a Christmas present for The Mom.
Head to Sam's for said Christmas present. Bought immediately, and the Christmas season has begun. Also invested in large quantity of Advil. Because it's going to be that kind of year.

Come home, suffering a raging headache. Take temperature, thinking it may be swine flu. No fever indicates no flu. Can continue enjoying bacon and sausage.

Decide headache might be brain tumor.
Debate looking up brain tumor on WebMD.
Wonder how many of the many (10) blog readers will comment with "It's not a tuma."

Two more errands to run, and then home for a night of crafty lovliness. Or grading papers.

Wonder which one will get done...

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