Sunday, August 22, 2010

I like school. It's just too bad classes get in the way.

Yes, I did just go "Saved By The Bell" with the title. You're welcome.

Here's how I get ready for the first day of school, which happens to be tomorrow.

- Up and church. Pray for new kindergarteners.
- Lunch and about a 15 minute nap. Perfect amount of time to wake myself back up.
- Go to Target for swiffer cloths, since I will be basically cleaning my own room this year- time to employ child labor.
-  Pick up some Bahama Bucks because a cherry colada with cream snow cone is just what a 109 degree Texas day needs.
- Go to salon for pedicure. All seats taken.
- Go to another salon for pedicure. Booked solid for the day.
- Give up on pedicure all together, since the plan is for closed-toed shoes anyways.
- Throw sheets in washer, because if you have to wake up for school tomorrow, it's going to be a clean sheet night.
- Catch up on a recorded episode of Burn Notice. Learn more tips on how to be a spy, including how to drug someone and how to make a bug that's meant to be discovered.
- Clean out the fridge and figure out what to eat for lunch this week and what needs to be bought. Discover that due to the extensive travelling and busyness of the summer, it is quite possible to teach a unit of science out of my fridge.
- Remember that I was going to take Crazy Daisy to get one of her shots. After the office closed. Reprieve for the dog.
- Try on the clothes I'm planning on wearing this week.
- Wear the new shoes around the house because I know they will make my feet hurt if I don't.
- Run out and pick up something for dinner. Cooking is not on the agenda for this evening.
- Work on more laundry.
- Get groceries for the week. Try to dodge the student of mine as of tomorrow. Success!
- Remember that I still need to hammer out lunch room procedures since I have lunch duty next week. Yes, I did just say duty. Hee hee.
- Put lesson plans in online program required by district. Curse profusely as program is not user-friendly.
- Grab a people magazine (mindless fluff), turn the television and computer off at 8pm, take a little feel-better sleep syrup and head to dream land.

I'll let you know how it goes tomorrow...

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  1. Did you pay the pig, ma'am? Hope you have a fabulous week and can't wait for Wednesday night dinner club!!! ; )



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