Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Unusual Predicament

I find myself in an unusual predicament.

This week is the teacher's version of "hell week". We're trying to take our classrooms from summer slumber to back to school ready. Unless you're me, in which case you're trying to move into a classroom.

Typically, we do this in the middle of inservice meetings.
Our past schedule went something like this:
Monday- meetings and a little time to work in the room.
Tuesday- meetings off campus
Wednesday- meetings off campus
Thursday- meetings on campus and a little time to work in the rooms
Friday- panic, run around like chicken with head cut off, cram things in drawers and cabinets to get ready for meet the teacher.

As you can imagine, this is a very stressful time for me, as you may notice that nowhere in that timeline did the words "lesson plans" pop up. Typically, I am in meetings all day and working on lesson plans all night, trying to throw everything together for Friday. Stress level hits Defcon 5 by about Wednesday evening.

But this year, it's different.
I did some of those meetings during the summer. A day and a half to be exact.

So this year, my schedule looks like this:
Monday: same as last year
Tuesday: work in my classroom all day
Wednesday: meetings in the morning, work in classroom and lesson plans in the afternoon
Thursday: same as last year
Friday: hang out, relax, lesson plan, make some copies, greet the kids at 4:30.

It's Tuesday evening, and my classroom is about 80% ready. I could have had it completely ready, but I have the rest of the week to do so.

I've never been this prepared by Tuesday in my life.
It's scary.
And my body is conditioned to be stressed.
So it's just weird.
Very weird.


  1. it is very possible that you may get a back to school gift the next time i see you - just sayin'

  2. That is weird. I'm in the run around like a chicken with your head cut off cram things in the drawer mode. So jealous...



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