Monday, September 27, 2010

Hey. It's Monday. It's okay...

... to watch a television show only for the music. See Lone Star (music: Mumford and Sons, Jose Gonzales, and Florence + the Machine)

... to drive with the windows down on this beautiful fall day, but leave the air conditioning on because, honestly... it's not that cold outside.

... to, upon seeing the ensemble of a lady in your apartment complex, exclaim "whoa!" Even if the windows are down. It's doubtful that she can hear you. Probably.

... to have a little bit of the Bieber playing from the window. It masks the sound of "whoa."

... to reread the last few chapters of a book a few times over because it is so very romantical. And your life's been lacking a little bit of that lately. Or a lot.

... to go through and delete some old movies off your dvr that you're never going to watch. To make room for a free preview weekend in which you will record many more movies. That you're probably never going to watch.

... to be an exceptionally strong woman both emotionally and physically. To be able to physically move furniture and haul speakers and televisions and such. And then to stub your pinky toe on the coffee table and curse and squeal in pain and then feel a little faint.

Hey. It's Monday. It's okay.

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