Thursday, September 02, 2010


Even though it's not January, the start of a new school year prompts all of us school-types to start new habits and try new things. Even The Aunt wrote about it.

Things are a little diffferent all around this year.
- My class is wonderful, and isn't extremely disrespectful. They're actually quite pleasant.
- My team has a whole different dynamic. I don't know why, but we're really enjoying each other. We have so much fun that I never would have expected. At.all.

But it turns out I've made a few changes as well, and they're changes I'd like to see continue throughout the school year/my lifetime.

- Last week, I went to bed by 9pm every night, because I was exhausted. I've decided I'd like to sleep from 9ish to 5:30ish every night. So I've started shutting everything down at 8pm, and listening to music while I finish up the evening. I turn the computer and the television off, and turn the music on. Then, I finish up the laundry for the night, clean up the kitchen, and sit down to read. I've missed it because I'm watching too much television.

- My inbox is almost empty. Up until last year, I tried to keep it down to less than fifty emails per day. I'd get an email, read it, and leave it in the inbox until I dealt with it. Once I cleaned out the inbox, I've become determined to keep it under ten. I'm at three right now. I've not yet been able to get it to zero, but I'm working on it.

- I went back to using a desk this year, instead of just a "teacher's table". I'm amazed at how well I've been able to keep it cleaned off. My worktable still needs some help though. Baby steps.

- I keep a case of Diet Coke and a Britta water filter pitcher at school. KC thinks I've been abducted by aliens because I never drank water or Diet anything until this year. I'm hoping this little trend will continue.

- Finally, I'm trying to keep school at school and home at home. Instead of reading blogs for an hour after school and bringing home papers to grade, I'm trying to wait to do the home stuff until I'm at home, leaving me time at school for the school things that need to be done. We'll see how long this lasts.

Now that my class isn't crazy and an emotional nightmare, I can take some time to better take care of myself. Hopefully this will avoid more blog posts like yesterdays.

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  1. Diet coke??? who are you??? Is your car clean? were they the same aliens that got Ted?



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