Monday, October 04, 2010

Hey. It's okay...

It's okay to...

... change the title of this little series because none of this stuff ever happens on a Monday.

... like the new T. Swift song, but change the radio station every time I hear it, because I know I will hear it eleventy billion trillion gazillion times in the upcoming ten or so weeks.

... to abbreviate Taylor Swift's name to T. Swift because it makes her sound like a rapper and also makes you giggle. Every time.

... to pretty much only update my Face book status with lines from tv shows and song lyrics.

... to decide to go with a friend to see the movie The Social Network, and completely coordinate the details on Face book, because it only seems fitting.

... to warn your mother ahead of time that because you're both putting together a tv stand for your sister and watching a football game, there's gonna be a few curse words. Or a lot.

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