Saturday, October 09, 2010

Sometimes it is all I can do not to wreck my car in the name of Jesus

Let me start by asking you why ESPN would choose NOW to get into some sort of fight with Directv that leads me to have to watch the Gator game at my parents' house. Because watching the game while battling with iTunes for three hours no I am not exaggerating thank you very much is my idea of a ROCKIN' Saturday night.

And yes, 'm still having some caps lock issues, as evident by the missing I.

So, let's talk about a billboard I saw while driving down the interstate today that made me so bothered that I had to pull out my Bible while driving down I 35 this afternoon.

The bulletin board said
The early church let in an openly gay man.
Would Jesus discriminate?
Underneath the picture of Jesus and the question "Would Jesus discriminate?" was a passage from Acts.

Oh, y'all. Y'all.

I had to reach into the back seat and retrieve my pink and black Bible to look up that passage right then and there to see what in the h-e-double-hockey-sticks that billboard was referencing.

Safe? No.
Urgent? Yes.

I looked up the passage, and it was the passage where Phillip is led by the Spirit to talk to the eunuch from Ethiopia. Now. I'm not going to get into a discussion of homosezuality here on my little blog (and yes, I purposely spelled it like that.)

My BFF has a gay brother and two sets of gay couple friends that she has known since elementary school. And from that I've learned that it is a whole different ballgame when you are a Christian and someone you have loved since before they recognized they were gay tells you they are gay and you have to resolve that in your heart and head.

And as for my opinions on it, well, I believe it is a sin, no more or less than any sin we all commit, and if we choose to live sin (be it that or lying or gossiping or being mean to someone) we have to talk about it with Jesus. And I know that it's more complex than that, just as my own sin is. So we're not going to get into a big discussion about it here.

My issue is with what that bulletin board was insinuating. That the church discriminates. The church as a whole. Which includes me.

Would Jesus discriminate? No.
But here's what I think that bulletin board's leaving out. If an openly gay man met Jesus- he'd turn his life around

So, bulletin board people, I'm sorry that you've been hurt by the church. But your board is only telling one side of the story. And if you don't want me to make broad, general statements about gay men and women (as I'm sure you don't), then please offer me the same courtesy and refrain from making broad, general statements about Christians. K?

In the words of Puck...
I don't like people using J-money to cramp everyone's style.
Well-said Puck.

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  1. seen the billboard and the other one to. many discussions have followed.



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