Sunday, November 28, 2010

A flair for the dramatic.

Crazy Daisy, the invalid dog.

So, she jumped off the bed and hurt her leg. One problem with determining whether or not to go to the emergency vet was the fact that my dog, bless her heart, is a drama.queen.

When she was little, she would wail and cry if you looked at her cross-eyed. She grew out of it a little, but she still has a flair for the dramatic. When I put medicine in her ears, she will flail about, running around the apartment and rubbing her ear on the ground for ten minutes.

So when she hurts her leg and refuses to walk on it, we’ve got a dilemma. Is she really hurt, or is she faking it? We decided to call the vet after-hours line, and they told  us that since she wasn’t verbalizing her pain, we could wait until the next day to bring her in.

We take her in on Saturday, and as we get there and sit on the bench, little miss can’t-walk-can’t-move-please-feel-sorry-for-me-and-carry-me-everywhere proceeds to jump off the bench and hobble over to the door to try to escape. Injured or not, she’s no fool.

We get into the exam room, and the technician checks her out. Then, he goes and gets the vet. After a lovely lecture about her allergies and her ears, he starts to check out her legs. The minute he touches her toe, she wails in pain.

The thought that goes through my head is “if this is a stubbed toe or a broken toenail, I will be pissed.” He says it would be rare if it was her toe, but let’s be honest. I have a degree in rare medical ailments that could potentially cost an arm and a leg.

Long story short, he couldn’t figure out the damage, so he took some x-rays. Those showed nothing, so he said the only way to really figure out what’s wrong would be to do an MRI. An MRI. Luckily, there’s no pet MRI machine west of Dallas, so he wasn’t too intent on me getting her chicken leg in the machine.

He said there’s no immediate sign of damage, so he gave her some pain killers and told me to watch it and hopefully she should go back to normal in a week.

So basically, we went to the vet for him to tell us that she’s got a stubbed toe and a flair for the dramatic.

(Here’s some video evidence of the drama queen)

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