Monday, December 06, 2010

December Daily Update- One through Four

The down interwebs have been a blessing and a curse.

I’ve kept up with my December Daily. But I can’t show you pictures.

So it goes.

The first problem came smack dab at day one. The plans were for me to put up pictures of my tree, and then on day two (since I had nothing planned), I would put my Christmas Playlist CD.

And on day one, I didn’t have my tree lit thanks to the lack of an extension (which I still don’t have). So that picture wasn’t happening.

Then, on day two, the BFF called me to go with her to take the bebe that is the love of my life to the Main Street Parade in Grapevine.

So, something needed to be switched. As in, day one and day two needed to be switched. Which was surprisingly easy.

(I don't have a picture here because- hello- child predators... I saw it on Dateline...)

Day three. Two-page spread. Left side: my student teacher’s last day. (By the way, I am in trouble- I have to start teaching again!) The right side: The children’s Christmas Party.

Day four: All the cool crafters go to flea markets and find wonderful things. So, I googled “Flea Market” and found one not-too-far from here. I had a list of things that I still needed to do to get my Christmas on, so I drove down there. Oh. my. word. Never again (as stated in big, red, glittery all caps).

Without further ado: the pictures.

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