Tuesday, December 07, 2010

December Daily- day five.

Right now, it seems my December Daily is keeping me sane. Who knew?

Last night was our Mr. Christmas Tree pageant, which is always hectic, and I cam home late and in a f-o-u-l mood, for reasons I won't go into here. I immediately sat down and printed out all of the horrible pictures I took for the night. The lighting's always bad at YL, so I knew the pictures would be miserable, but I vowed to print them nonetheless. I haven't finished putting the labeling or the journaling on yesterday's page, and I have to put the finishing journaling touches on day three, and I'm all caught up.

Which is astounding. But it's a project I can jump into instead of wallowing, so it's my sanity right now.

Here's Dec. 5th. It was the Young Life Leader Christmas Party.  It turned into a very sparkly page. The pictures show that Santa showed up, that instead of just stealing the white elephant, you had to do a minute-to-win-it challenge to complete the steal, and that my gift was a nutcracker and an iTunes gift card. I also added my name tag as ephemera. I may change the tag that says "Dear Santa... Don't forget the gift receipts."

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